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SRI: Two al-Qaeda terrorists, expelled from Romania

Two al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists were expelled from Romania, are considered undesirable for a period of 15 years in the country by a court.

The two were running ideological links with al-Qaeda affiliated organization and focal points in coordinating external support in terms of conspiracy.

After investigation „that were established to provide support for the development of the whole operation” and one of them „has advanced knowledge for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices,” continued SRI spokesman, who said that the two were from the Middle East, without specifying the country of origin, type

According to SRI, the terrorist alert level is maintained in the „Cautious”, which means „information available and recent events indicate a low risk of occurrence of a terrorist attack.”


Commission Jilava he drops his Vintu 33 days of punishment

Jilava Penitentiary Commission to take low Sorin Ovidiu Vintu almost 33 days of conviction he received for blackmailing Sebastian Ghita and found that it may seek a court parole, said Thursday the AFP judicial source.

According surselelor cited the Commission to analyze applications Jilava parole from prison he fell Sorin Ovidiu Vintu period of 32.9 days a year prison sentence he received in the case of blackmailing the businessman Sebastian Ghita .

Commission took into account for this decision and that Vintu published a book containing scientific publisher agreed by the National College of Scientific Research in Higher Education, said judicial sources.

Vintu had a definite timetable for the preparation of scientific paper, which then published it in the way mentioned, also said sources.

Commission determined that the conditions for parole Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, but it will only be played after a court will consider such a request.

On June 21, the Court of Appeal sentenced Sorin Ovidiu Vintu one year imprisonment in case it was accused in blackmail Sebastian Ghita. In the same file, Elijah Caesar was sentenced to five months imprisonment for the same offense, the court decision is final.

Serban doctor Bradisteanu, prosecuted for favoring Adrian Nastase

Serban doctor Bradisteanu, Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, was indicted Thursday for encouraging Adrian Nastase.

National Anticorruption prosecutors have indicted Bradisteanu Alexandru Serban, MD head of department at Floreasca Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, accused of favoring the perpetrator, crime directly connected assimilated to corruption offenses, said in one press release Thursday of DNA.

According to AFP , the indictment sent to court prosecutors show that, on June 20, the High Court of Cassation and Justice – The panel of five judges to Adrian Nastase sentenced to two years imprisonment for using influence or authority as President of a party in order to obtain for himself or for another person for money, goods or other undue advantages. The same day, the Bucharest Tribunal issued the warrant for the execution of prison sentences containing explicit mention of incarceration in prison Adrian Nastase.

After the court decision, Adrian Nastase attempted suicide, being led to Floreasca Emergency Hospital.

„Given that Adrian Nastase gunshot lesions, it was transported to the Floreasca Emergency Hospital Bucharest, on this occasion, the defendant Bradisteanu Alexandru Serban, by his attitude, thwarting attempted to enforce the mandate of for penalty Watching Adrian Nastase, „prosecutors noted in the indictment.

Investigators said Serban Bradisteanu doctor has used its prerogatives specialist in cardiovascular surgery and hospitalization assumed Adrian Nastase in the department he was driving, although medical diagnosis did not require admission to the ward, and the first medical interventions were performed by another doctor from another department.

„Further, although it made ​​no mention of the need for cardiovascular surgery medical records of the person convicted, the defendant Bradisteanu Serban Alexandru has assumed no legal standing to issue official opinions of the hospital, took over public communication and sent the convicted person has other medical conditions that, in reality, the urgent side were already managed by another doctor, „they also said prosecutors.

Also Bradisteanu is accused declined to officially notify the representatives of the General Directorate of Bucharest Police if Adrian Nastase can be imprisoned.

All these acts of doctor Serban Bradisteanu led to extended hospital admission and transfer delay when Adrian Nastase in a detention facility. In this situation, the representatives of capital police had to do additional legal steps to clarify legal meeting the conditions of transfer.

Following these steps, to June 26, the Bucharest Tribunal, the execution court determined that the „situation of the convicted person to Adrian Nastase was admitted to the Emergency Hospital Bucharest Floreasca anything not prevent the implementation of the mandate of execution of sentence. „ As a result of this court decision, Adrian Nastase was transferred the same day Floreasca Hospital in prison.

The file will be tried by magistrates High Court of Cassation and Justice.


BEC announces the number of voters: 18.2 million

The referendum until today, it seems that Romania lost over 40,000 voters.

Central Electoral Bureau made public Thursday that in Romania there are 18.2 million voters, with 44,050 less that the referendum in July.

Unemployment in Greece reached a new record level, 26%

Unemployment in Greece rose in September to a new record level of 26%, from 25.3% in August, announced Thursday, Athens statistics agency.

The decline of the Greek economy, in the fifth year of recession, has affected the labor market and pushed unemployment to more than twice the eurozone average. In monetary union, the unemployment rate stood at 11.6% in September.

August unemployment was revised to 25.3%, after it was originally announced at 25.4%, writes AFP

Among young people aged 15-24, unemployment was 56.4% in September, compared with 47.6% in the same period last year.

Approximately 1.3 million people were unemployed in Greece in late September, 38% more than in September last year. Reported at august, the number of unemployed rose by almost 3%.

Number of employees stood at 3.7 million in September, declining by 8.1% compared to the same month in 2011 and by 0.6% from august.

Dan UP: Head ANI, a frustrated jerk. We’ll sue

Deputy Secretary to the Government, Dan Mihalache declared incompatible by the National Integrity Agency, appointed Horia Georgescu, the head of this institution, „a frustrated bitch”, saying that he would sue.

„I’ll sue you Horia Georgescu. (…) The head of this institution (ANI – Ed.) Is this bitch named Horia Georgescu frustrated,” said Friday, UP, during a press conference.

Three ministers accused of years of conflict and abuse of office

At the beginning of the conference, Deputy Secretary General Government said it had brought with him a abacus to help the boss YEARS to count the days between when UP took office in the Government and the leadership resigned from a company commercial. According to officials, the period was less than the legal limit of 30 days.

„Having a sense of humor, I brought with me an abacus. YEARS If the President Horia Georgescu, is not able to count the days, I’ll get them this gift abacus to count the days on balls. Between the time I was put in public office and between the time I left the leadership of a company have been 30 days. was measure with abacus days. This toy will go to Horia Georgescu, to count the balls. If not mind, then perhaps it balls will help, „said Dan UP ironic.

Three government ministers and a secretary in sight YEARS – What do charges

„YEARS function after the election schedule”

He said the NIA has no right to tell a viewpoint about it, and that the „work after the electoral calendar.”

„National Integrity Council urge public subordinated Senate to come together and explore this outrageous abuse of ANI. Analyse samples that were made, decisions were given and compared their compliance with applicable laws.

As for me, if I would be very complicated from the point of view of the rule of law (ANI release – Ed.) Would be funny. This release is a joke. I have nothing to hide nor to reproach me, „said Deputy Secretary-General of the Government.

Three ministers accused of ANI – Tip: There are problems in the past. ARD: Resignation!

The official stressed that it was not officially informed of the charges, but that did not and does not intend to have talks with Prime Minister Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu with PNL on this topic.

Dan Mihalache declared incompatible by ANI

National Integrity Agency found, after evaluation procedures, violating the law on the legal status of incompatibilities by Dan UP, Deputy Secretary-General of the Government.

Following assessments started on July 31, it was found that UP was in incompatibility between May 10 to June 8, as exercised simultaneously both the position of Deputy Secretary General of the Government, with the rank of Secretary of State, as and the position of administrator in SC DIB MEDIA CONSULTANCY LLC

Press ANI on finding incompatibility, if Dan UP

Also, Dan UP continued to perform as manager in that company until August 2012, as stated in the documents submitted by the National Health Insurance House.

According to the law, the person exercising public functions one authority, namely the Deputy Secretary General of the Government, assimilated to the position of Secretary of State is obliged, on oath or, if applicable, on appointment, declare that is not in one of the cases of incompatibility provided by law.

Along with Deputy Secretary General Government three other cabinet ministers came into sight Ponta YEARS for incompatibility or abuse of office. The three ministers are heads of Transport, Ovidiu Silaghi at the Regional Development and Tourism, Eduard Hellvig and the Minister for Social Dialogue, Liviu Pop.

With Andronescu plagiarism scandal – minister rejects accusations Nature: A fake!

Minister of Education, Catherine Andronescu accused of Nature that had agreed to finance a project plagiarism, argues that foreign newspaper article is just a „fake”

„I did not sign anything. Personally, I have not signed any of the documents referred to therein. Secondly, that project was the initiative of a research institute, not where I was rector of the university. Third all, the project that was in electronics. I am a chemist and I can not endorse the content of other fields.’s not normal nor possible, „said Andronescu for Tuesday.

Nature: Minister Andronescu involved in a decrease of plagiarism

Nature, the journal which he accused of plagiarism first Prime Minister Victor Ponta, because they would be copied thesis, returns with a new article on plagiarism in academia in Romania.

This time, Nature writes that plagiarism is present in Romanian projects in which researchers try to obtain funding from public money, and the Minister of Education, Catherine Andronescu, is accused of having endorsed a work copied. site that publishes evidence of plagiatelor committed by researchers from Romania, along with praise from international experts, has posted an analysis of a fifth case, which reached the attention of journalists from Nature.

Wireless Optical-based project called Multi-Gb / s Hybrid Broadband Access Network for MULTISERVICES Applications (OWHAN) was submitted to obtain funding in the amount of 465,000 euros.

It was developed by eight researchers from three different higher institutions, including the University Politehnica of Bucharest Catherine Andronescu which has submitted signatures for the project.

In other words, explain journalists from Nature, Catherine Andronescu endorsed, as a representative of the Polytechnic, the project – turned out to be plagiarized – to obtain the grant of half a million.